My Opinion on Spearmint Capsules vs Tea

MA Hemal

For years now, I have been dealing with occasional indigestion and bloating that leaves me feeling uncomfortable. Like many people, I wanted a natural way to soothe my stomach without relying too much on over-the-counter medications. That’s when I discovered spearmint – both in capsule and tea form – and began testing them out to see which might work better for me. Let me share my first-hand experience comparing spearmint capsules versus tea.

Comparing the Ingredients

When looking at the active ingredients, both spearmint capsules and spearmint tea contain spearmint oil extract, which is believed to be the main component that helps relax the digestive tract. However, the delivery method is different between the two. Capsules contain a concentrated dose of dried and powdered spearmint extract in a gelatin casing. Tea uses dried spearmint leaves that are steeped in hot water to release the oils. Some research indicates the volatile compounds in spearmint, like carvone, may be more easily absorbed in liquid form through tea compared to a capsule. Still, both deliver therapeutic levels that can offer relief.

Ease of Use

In terms of convenience, I found spearmint capsules to be easier to integrate into my daily routine. I simply took one capsule with a meal or whenever indigestion flared up. Tea, on the other hand, required carrying hot water, a mug, and a teabag or tea leaves with me. The process of steeping and waiting for it to cool enough to drink slowed down my mealtime. However, I will admit that spearmint tea does have a pleasant taste that some people prefer over swallowing pills. There’s no “right” choice here – it depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Cost Comparison

When looking at the long-term costs, spearmint capsules seemed to be more affordable for me versus regularly consuming spearmint tea bags or loose-leaf tea. A standard bottle of capsules provides many servings for a lower price point than an equivalent number of teabags. That said, if you grow your own spearmint plants, drying the leaves yourself can result in a virtually free source of tea. It’s a tradeoff of initial investment versus ongoing costs. Both options can fit different budgets.

Does One Work Better than the Other?

Anecdotally for me, I noticed spearmint capsules tended to work faster at relieving digestive issues compared to tea. Within 30 minutes of taking a capsule, I felt calmer in my stomach. Tea took at least an hour to kick in for the soothing effects. However, tea seemed to last longer through the day once it started working. Given I was testing them independently, it’s hard to say if one truly works better or it was just my perception. Scientific research has found both forms can help reduce gas, bloating, and indigestion when taken regularly.

My Personal Experience

After a few months of alternating between spearmint capsules and tea and tracking my symptoms, I found spearmint capsules suited my needs a bit better. The convenience, faster relief, and competitive pricing made them my go-to choice. However, on days I had more time or wanted a slower digestive aid, I still enjoyed spearmint tea from my backyard garden. Going forward, I keep both options on hand depending on circumstances. Most importantly, either has provided natural support that allows me to limit reliance on antacids. For overall digestive health and peace of mind, I feel spearmint is a wonderful herb.


In closing, there is no definitive answer on whether spearmint capsules or tea is superior. Much depends on lifestyle preferences, budget, and individual digestion. Both deliver the therapeutic compounds from spearmint and can effectively calm an upset stomach. In my experience, capsules were a bit more practical to use regularly, though I still appreciate the ceremonial qualities of steeping a calming cup of tea. For mild digestive issues, I recommend experimenting with spearmint in both forms to see what works best for you. In the end, either choice continues to help maintain my gastrointestinal comfort naturally.

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