Rosemary Tea

-Stimulates hair growth -Improves blood circulation to the scalp -Anti-inflammatory properties

Peppermint Tea

-Enhances blood flow to hair follicles -Promotes hair growth -Refreshing flavor

Green Tea

-Rich in antioxidants -Contains EGCG, promoting hair growth -Use as a hair rinse or mix with shampoo

Nettle Tea

-Reduces hair loss -Anti-inflammatory properties -Strengthens hair follicles

Horsetail Tea

-Contains silica for healthier hair growth -Promotes hair growth in women with thinning hair -Beneficial for hair health

Hibiscus Tea

-Promotes hair growth in rabbits -Stimulates hair follicles -Rich in vitamins and antioxidants

Lavender Tea

-Improves hair growth in mice -Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties -Calming effects

Fenugreek Tea

-Stimulates blood flow to the scalp -Nourishes hair follicles -Strengthens hair strands

-Balances scalp oils -Improves circulation -Promotes thicker, healthier hair growth