Peppermint Oil

- Relieves tension headaches - Soothes muscle contractions and promotes relaxation - Apply diluted oil to temples and forehead


- Reduces migraine symptoms - Has anti-inflammatory properties - Sip ginger tea or apply ginger paste to temples

Lavender Oil

- Eases tension and migraine headaches - Calming aroma promotes relaxation - Apply diluted oil to temples or inhale its scent


- Reduces frequency and intensity of migraines - Anti-inflammatory properties - Consume as a tea or take in supplement form

- Contains natural aspirin-like compounds - Relieves tension and migraine headaches - Brew as a tea or take in capsule form


- Alleviates migraines associated with magnesium deficiency - Helps relax blood vessels - Take as a supplement or increase intake of magnesium-rich foods


- Reduces frequency and severity of migraines - Anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties - Take as a supplement, following proper dosage guidelines


- Stimulates pressure points to relieve headaches - Apply pressure to temples, between eyebrows, or at the base of the skull


- Dehydration can trigger headaches - Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated