Chamomile Tea

- Promotes relaxation and restful sleep - Calms the nervous system - Reduces anxiety and insomnia

Valerian Root

- Eases insomnia and improves sleep quality - Enhances relaxation and reduces anxiety - Acts as a natural sedative

Lavender Essential Oil

- Induces calmness and relaxation - Reduces stress and anxiety - Enhances sleep quality and duration


- Relieves insomnia and promotes better sleep - Reduces anxiety and restlessness - Enhances GABA levels in the brain


- Helps relax muscles and calm the nervous system - Regulates melatonin production - Improves sleep quality and duration


- Reduces stress and anxiety, promoting better sleep - Balances cortisol levels - Supports restful sleep and relaxation

California Poppy

- Acts as a gentle sedative - Promotes relaxation and reduces insomnia - Calms the mind and supports deep sleep


- Regulates the sleep-wake cycle - Reduces time to fall asleep - Enhances overall sleep quality

Lemon Balm

- Relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation - Improves sleep quality and duration - Calms the mind and reduces insomnia